Japan and the World; Real estate agency, with advantage in multiple languages.

Japan and Overseas / Real Estate Brokerage

Sales,Purchases and Rentals in Japan

In Japan & from Japan to overseas

Reliable and profitable with brokerage and consultations within Japan and to overseas, as well as domestic brokerage!  Use our real estate network to its maximum! You can find perfect property for purchase and sell well.

List your property to Japan, and to all over the World!

Let your targets expand and make agreements instantly.

All the support with documents are here! Especially for foreigners who need help with Japanese and real estate agents who needs help in English.

Wilson Real Estate have multilingual staff: English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Clients First – Reliable Support

We support to purchase, sell and invest real estate with giving trustworthy relationship with customers first priority.

  • Free consultations—basic consultation on properties, selling real estate and its value evaluation.
  • Purchase, asset management, rental and property management.
  • Totally support including replacement purchase and tax saving!
  • Occupancy rate promotion, sale price increasing, and lead to the spontaneous transaction!

Introduce Japanese real estate infromation.  We will make a proposal with your needs!

Investment Properties

  • “Profitable” property introduction from 1-room condo to a whole building
  • Operation, property management and investment after purchasing
  • Hotels, land, residential buildings, office buildings, and so on.
  • Investment in overseas real estate and organizing properties.

Due to the maintenance of confidentiality, properties listings cannot be disclosed on the Internet, so please feel free to contact us in case of property listing inquiries.

Rental Apartments Management

  • Property Management for Real Estate Owners
  • Experienced with solving management problems, including dealing with sevral cultures.
  • We help and consult with multiple languages; English, Tagalog, French, etc.
  • English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Chinese and so on.

Real Estate Worldwide

Introducing variety of properties worldwide using our real estate network overseas to its most to introduce real estate overseas.

  • Support for customers who want purchase real estate ovreseas
  • Investment in overseas real estate and organizing properties.
  • Language support such as researching properties overseas
  • Advice on how deal with real estate overseas
  • Support for customers having troubles about real estate overseas

Introduce overseas real estate information. Please rely us at ease to foreign languages, English and so on.

Support for overseas expansion

  • Support for property, locating office and company formation on overseas expansion
  • It is not enough for only to have good English.
  • Support for build a precious company

Home Production

Assistance for making property’s market value.

Transform each room into model room

The room changed by the Home Production inspires customers’ dwelling image, so it enhances their mind to rent or to purchase.

Creating impressive apperance with space and atmosphere of the room both rental and subdivison for sale.

We have a past result that a property rised from 10 million yen to 15 million yen in price.

  • Renovationg the room interior, decorationg the room like a model room with furniture and sundry goods.
  • We will receive properties you don’t manage or Home Production only.
  • Furniture and sundry goods are buyable according to resident’s wishes on move-into.
  • Decorating with image or largeness of the room.

Introduction of actual example of Home Production!  Transform each room into model room both rental and subdivison for sale.